And so the real-world New Year begins today, the back-to-work new year.

My approach is different.  There are no resolutions–with inevitable failure as a byproduct–but rather there are three words on which I will focus in 2011.


Those words, just now settling into my brain, are Intention, Source and Order.  As I understand from mentors like Chris Brogan and Beth Kanter, the beauty about setting words instead of resolutions as a way to define a new year is that words are elastic whereas resolutions are rigid.

The three words can evolve and meander throughout the year.  They can birth baby words, little offshoots that may grow into one of the three words for 2012.

The word I’d like to focus on today is the last one: Order, also the Unity power assigned to the Ninth Day of Christmas.

The key reference for Order relates to Divine Order and remembering that Divine Order suffuses everything in our lives.

From “Awakening the Christ Spirit Within,”

“Today I take time to contemplate this unfailing law of God and to keep it uppermost in mind as I put my life in perspective.  Trusting in divine order, I know that the events in my life are taking place in the right ways at the right time.  I exercise patience as I anticipate the blessing that is coming to me.”

Within the 12 Powers context, the word Order is described as the ability to organize, balance, sequence and adjust.

Over the next few days, I’ll more fully describe Intention, Source and Order.  I’m looking forward to that, but in terms of Order, I’m eager to establish better forms of organization and balance.  Sequence is an interesting twist on Order and I’ll gladly explore that word as well.

God knows I need to tap into Divine Order more consciously.  Now, with Order as one of my three words for 2011, I get to explore the practical side of the word.

Since this post seems to be “in order,” I’ll end with a question.  What are your three words for 2011 and how will they manifest in your life?

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