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Today feels like a good day for sharing the wise words and ideas that have crossed my mental tableau.  It seems as if everything I’m reading in the personal development field is truly that:  personal.  If it feels personal for me, I’m guessing it might strike a personal chord in you as well.

Unity Magazine

The first wise piece comes from the July/August issue and is called “Affirmations:  Connecting Us to Truth.”  In the article, author Laurie A. Gray writes about how her nine-year-old daughter’s nightly affirmation:  “I am grateful.  I am kind.  I create what’s on my mind.  Perfect health . . . Prosperity . . . My world reflects the change in me.”  Laurie’s little girl has been repeating the affirmative poem since she was six! See for more information.

I now have this simple prayer in my journal where I write my morning pages, in my bathroom and above my desk.  There is something about this simple poem that soothes me right now, now when I have need of soothing.

Is there something in your life that brings you need for soothing?

Let me know if you use this affirmative poem and how it feels for you.

The Daily Love

The second piece of personal development information that feels personal to me comes from Arielle Ford in her guest post on Mastin Kipp’s The Daily Love. (’s-imperfections/) Arielle writes about the world of Wabi Sabi, an ancient Japanese understanding that something is made beautiful through its imperfections.

Think about that in terms of all the cracks and flaws in an individual’s personality, both the ones perceived by the individual and the ones judged by others.  What if all those entry points into a person’s wholeness that are seen as fissures are actually thought of as a golden bridge spanning the alleged imperfection?

Can you picture the energy flowing back and forth across that bridge creating an inviting, peaceful place of simple beauty? Now, can you picture the incredible beauty in your own perceived flaws?

Daily Focus

The third piece resonating with me is Rev. Ed Townley’s Daily Focus from August 2 that references the epistle of First John.  Rev. Ed quotes,

“God is love,” he (the writer of First John) writes, “and whoever abides in love abides in God, and God abides in them.”

The reverend then adds, “this is a simple, clear guide to living a life of harmony, a life filled with health, abundance, growth, new awareness and all good things.”

I don’t know about you, but I sure want what the guy from the epistle has.

The Dallas Morning News

Finally, I love that personal development and technology are spreading to a most important area, our military.  There was an AP news story printed in the local paper on Sunday about mobile phone applications designed to help with post traumatic stress and brain injuries.  The article, “Apps heal invisible wounds,” described several news apps.

One in particular is called PTSD Coach and was developed jointly by the Pentagon and Veteran Affairs.  It is a self-assessment tool that addresses “symptoms, gives step-by-step instructions in muscle relaxation and breathing, helps users create a phone list of people to call when they need support” and helps vets make contact with emergency organizations.

While this last piece doesn’t address me personally because I’m not a vet, it affects all of us collectively because our military veterans are a part of how we abide in God as a nation and as a people.

Personal development is everywhere we turn these days.  I have a million more examples.  I’d like to hear your examples or about which of these resonate with you.  Please connect with me with your impressions, thoughts and stories.



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  1. I love the nightly affirmation. That feels personal to me. How wonderful to share what resonates with you. They all are a source of comfort for many people, I’m sure. When I find something that helps me, I try to post it somewhere or save it, so I can reread the passage often. In times of stress, a few simple words can be very soothing.

  2. Beth Wilson says:

    Yes, when the times of stress come–all too often–I find that the simpler the reminder message, the better. I think that’s why the nine-year-old’s poem feels so calming to me, morning, noon and night! Thanks for stopping by Cathy! Enjoy your Sunday!

    B Well!

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