PLEASE Decompress Before You Decompose!

(This post was scheduled to be in your mailbox on Sunday evening; my apologies for the glitch!)

God, it feels good to relax, decompress and feel like myself again.  A few days at the Manor will cure any possibility of stress decomposure!

I’ve written before about Manor time.  My sweetie and I have dear friends who love to travel and are frequently in need of house and dog sitters for their 10-acre plot of heaven called Tender Acres.  Can you tell by these pictures how hard their travel is for us!  Not!!

Even as I write this, I feel big, peaceful sighs welling up in me.  Sanity is mine once again!

The Tender Acres Barn

I so needed restorative calm.  During the chaos of the last month, I instinctively knew that I wasn’t taking the best care of myself, but honestly, I don’t know how the month could have been different.

Travel for work, finding our new place, packing at warp speed, coordinating all the details of moving, then moving and dealing with after-move details–all those frenetic days were necessary.

I’m giving myself a pass on all the meetings missed.  The time could have been there, but the energy definitely was not.

I did not write every day–I could have taken time to do that for my mental stability.

The big “however”

There was never a day without prayer.  My sponsor tells me that sometimes what I consider bare minimum or even adequate is actually good enough and much more.

I have a habit of not giving my God contact enough credit.  My mind messes with me and says things like, “at least you prayed” (on those days when I don’t do much else).

I’ve learned that my prayers don’t have to be petitions to be effective.  Mindful observations are prayers too, like:

  • Dragonflies dipping in and out of the saltwater pool
  • Red and yellow finch drinking from their giant bird bath, the pool spa
  • The visual and olfactory delights of vibrant, red hibiscus in full bloom, sweet honeysuckle vine and even Hawaiian frangipani
  • Savoring freshly picked, organic fruits and veggies
  • Suppers cooked beneath outdoor misters.
  • Vibrant sunsets watched from a comfy lounge chair, the prelude to star-gazing

All these God delights and many more wrap me in comfort.  I am coated in Tender Acres’ inherent tenderness.

This morning, during my journaling, I committed to a carefree, joy-filled and light day.  My being soars beyond human limits as the gates of mindfulness are thrown wide open.   For me, there’s a unique freedom and bliss that accompanies deliberately abandoning overactive mindlessness.

Feeling exhausted, overwrought or pushed to your limit?

Don’t decompose!  Decompress instead!

Leave over-thinking in the dust and travel on down the road of intuitive B-ing.  Go easy and gently and revel in each step.  Find your own personal Manor and go there . . . you’ll feel a giant lift from the gift to yourself.

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  1. Galen Pearl says:

    Gosh, what a gorgeous place! As for praying, I like the concept of praying without ceasing. Many times during the day, I just say “thank you.” That is my constant prayer. Sometimes I pray more deliberately and consciously, but I try to pray with everything I do. I would certainly be praying thanks for staying in such a beautiful place.

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