Pole-Vaulting Over Mouse Poop

You’re probably thinking, What The Heck ?

I know–the title is a strange one, but appropriate to anyone who has:

  • Made a really big deal out of something that is insignificant to everyone else on the planet;
  •  Jumped to an immediate biased conclusion without considering other available data or inputs;
  • Completely over-reacted to a comment, opinion or statement.
  • In general, made an ass of yourself simply by opening your mouth and allowing ill-spoken words to escape.

Congratulations.  You’ve taken up the sport of pole-vaulting over mouse poop.

No worries, though.  I can help because I have TONS of experience with this sport.  You might say I’m a mouse poop hall-of-famer.

My dearest friends will tell you I’m intense which is code to mean that I tend to take things way too seriously.

I’m working on it and have, for the most part, graduated from the vaulting pole to a yard stick.

I’m sharing five of my hard-fought lessons, one for each day this week. 

In the tradition of Mindful Monday, you can choose to apply all five to each day of the week or take one for Monday, a second for Tuesday, and so on.

Without further ado, Beth’s Yardstick Lessons for Getting Over the Mouse Poop in Your Life Without a Vaulting Pole:

Lesson #1:  Remember that there are no big deals.

Yes, it’s tempting to believe that your current misfortune is catastrophic, but ask yourself whether it truly is from an outer space perspective.

Lesson #2:  Forrest Gump was right:  Life IS a box of chocolates.

What you believe to be mouse poop today–those little crappy details–by tomorrow may hold sweet, nougat-filled lessons.  Yes, it can happen.

Lesson #3:  What you see in front of you is not really real.

Admittedly, this lesson is a bit heady, but because this is my experience, I’m sharing it.  In my heart, I believe that only good exists, because only God exists.  Ergo, anything that is not of God, doesn’t exist and isn’t real.  Got it?

Lesson #4:  Once a mouse has pooped, there is no un-pooping.

What is done is done and can’t be undone.  Accept that the stuff exists and work on how you’re going to deal with it rather than dealing with how you react to it.  Make sense?

And, finally, my big Lesson #5:  Know the difference between what you can change and what you can’t.

This is the coolest part of the Serenity Prayer to me–when God grants me the wisdom to know what I can change and what I need to let go.  Yes, the line is a little blurred sometimes, but if I look hard, I can see the distinction.

As with any sport, it takes continual practice to learn how to not pole vault over the poopy little details of your life.  For many years, I assumed that the methods with which I had always dealt with something were ingrained in me and that I would forever handle situations in the way I always had.

Not so!  You can un-learn too!

Are there other ways you’ve how to lay down the vaulting pole?  Please share because when we learn how to effectively overcome mouse poop, we can move on to the piles of the larger mammals in our lives.

May your Mindful Monday be Mouse Poop-free!

B Well & Present,


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  1. Hi Beth,

    Interesting post! I know I have to look at myself as well and realize some of my reactions to things are not helpful and just cause me to be anxious when it is not necessary. I love Lesson #5. I’ve read that one over hundreds of times and will forever need to keep reading reminding myself of The Serenity Prayer. We can always learn a few lessons.

  2. Beth Wilson says:

    Thanks, Cathy. It’s only Tuesday and I’m working the heck out of #5! I think my next post will be about how to let whirlwinds whirl without getting caught up in them!

    B Well & Present,

  3. Sharry says:

    How I love this post! You made me smile on a day that has been so very stressful! Poop jumping, no unpooping! I can’t wait to share this with one of my siblings who has been stressing with me! Thank you, Cathy!

    • Beth Wilson says:

      Dear Sharry,

      Smiling, like breathing, is so very necessary. I pray your walk is a tiny bit lighter.

      B Well & Present,

  4. Luke says:

    I can be calm…like an angel..but…
    But …sometimes we are attacked by others…what then ? We may master our poop but others dont really care…they get mad. Mad for no reason. Perhaps even mad at our mastery!

    What to do ? What to do when the person in front of you was contaminated by an army of little mouth-turds ? Sometimes even my expertise in controlling those just cant help…because those little gremlins of rage are contagious… sometimes i fail.

    Great post 🙂

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