Don’t you love the grand potentiality hovering in the air?  It seems as if everyone I speak with says they will gladly pronounce 2010 over and done at the stroke of midnight tomorrow night!

I feel the excitement of the new year–oh what challenges, opportunities and growth await each of us.  Roll out the red carpet, polish up those little statues, prepare the stage . . . here we come for an award-winning year!


Power is the word for this fifth day of Christmas.  I am filled with power–spiritual power–and it is the basis for my eager anticipation of 2011.

We all possess power, with a capital P, but its strength in our lives can only be revealed when we give it permission to come forth. 

Spiritual power is innate and beautifully imprinted on our beings in a unique and personal dimension of connectedness with our Creator.  The gift of Power allows us the opportunity to express the other 11 Christ attributes (the previous four being faith, strength, wisdom and love).

Power hinges on my willingness to serve as a conduit, as a spiritual messenger.  Not everyone chooses the conductor path; some choose to remain unplugged from the divine current.  Perhaps there is an inherent responsibility that comes with the territory; it isn’t easy to take the high road during a crisis of character, condition or circumstance.

I have to work at being prepared to call Power forth.  There are times when it takes too much effort and there are times when I just flat refuse to do the work.  And always there are consequences to my non-action.

Those times and consequences don’t matter as much as concerning myself with the present moment, this holy instant and as I stay focused, the moments suddenly add up to a whole day of being.

Be here today–I am here today, God, and ready to fulfill whatever lies in store.  I feel your Power; I am your power.  Together we are a mighty force in breathing, experiencing and healing life.

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