Remembrance and Redemption

Thanks to my San Diego soul-sister, Cathy for inspiring this Thursday Thread!

Angel StatueRemembrance and Redemption are two words that when linked together create a sweet montage of feelings for me.

Several years ago, my good friends Ralph and Becky gifted this beautiful statue to me as a housewarming present.  It’s called Remembrance and Redemption.

The gift was presented to commemorate the start of life in a brand new dwelling and to acknowledge the journey of the heart—how we are redeemed when we surrender the mistakes of our past by remembering them, forgiving them, and letting them go.

Letting go is sometimes the toughest part, isn’t it? 

Oh but there is such freedom in letting go!

My friend Cathy and I talked last night about how we can use the uglies of our past to transform our present.  Whew, what courage that takes!  Often we discover that when we really look at those dark nooks and crannies—Remembrance—we realize that we’re different today as a result of what happened to us then.

Today, different is good. Different helps us forgive. 

Forgiveness relieves us of the burden of toting all those heavy resentments around.  After being stooped over for so many years, isn’t it fabulous to stand upright and feel REDEEMED?

My life today is 180-degrees different from when the Angel Statue entered my life.  I no longer live in that house—I lost it, in fact.  I no longer live in the relationship that the statue was meant to celebrate—I lost it too when I made the decision to move to Texas.

I thought the house and the relationship were permanent in the fabric of my life.

Now I know that the stuff “out there,” the human stuff we create, is never permanent. 

Today the fabric of my life is elastic as I celebrate the one element that is truly permanent—the impenetrable threads that bind me to my God and provide me the opportunity to live at my Highest Potential.

The Angel Statue now resides in my new home.  I look at her with the same fondness as I experience Remembrance and Redemption today.

The difference between then and now is that most days I walk a little lighter—lifted by her wings—and I love a little deeper—inspired by her grace.

Is there a symbol in your life that inspires you to live better?

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  1. says:

    So eloquently put my dear and inspiring friend! How glorious when there are times it’s beyond evident why certain people are in our lives(B&B). As I told you I was sharing this very angel statue and your inspiring words with my son whom I’m so very proud to watch his walk with God and spiritual growth. He was very moved when he opened the box – the message spoke to him loud and clear! He’s clearing a special place on his desk to be reminded every day and feel the love 🙂

    I am so grateful to so many in numerous ways (large & small) but I was truly touched by that angel and the message behind it 4 or 5 years ago when I was introduced to its beauty – the symbolism stayed with me and I knew one day I would need to have one in my own home and now paying it forward to touch my adult son, father of 2 and remarkable survivor of his own struggles and unfair treatment. I love the proverbial lemonade I watch him and his beautiful family enjoying…this angel represents his life’s path thus far and the strength to rise above it all to be the finest example to “the next generation”!!!

    • Beth Wilson says:

      Oh Cathy, you are so right . . . like you, I feel blessed by the spirit-led connections that come our way in life. Love your note about your son and the impact of your gift. You are a shining example of what it means to parent adult children and grand-parent his kids. Love is the only answer, as the song goes; thanks for sharing yours with me.

      BIG HUGS from me to you!

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