This page is actually Resources 2.0 because these are the first significant revisions to my site since it went live.  Whew!  Life is flying! The 1.0 version contained what I called the “foundation group” of organizations and individuals who helped lay my brick-by-brick path of early self-discovery and “current sites I love.”  With this iteration of the Resources page, you’ll see it’s divided into resources with mindfulness and presence as a theme and resources about addiction recovery, advocacy, and the New Recovery Advocacy Movement. I hope this page is fluid, so please send a note to me if you have an online resource you’d like considered for inclusion.  I’m  Oh, and for brevity, I’m only including the resource name and URL (in no particular order of importance).  Here goes:

Addiction Recovery, Advocacy and the New Addiction Recovery Movement

ManyFaces1Voice & The Anonymous People

Young People in Recovery: 

William White Papers:

National Alliance for Recovery Residences:

Office of National Drug Control Policy Recovery Branch:

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Recovery Support:

National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence:

Join Together:

Cathy Taughinbaugh:

Lisa Frederiksen:


Pema Chodron Foundation:

Anne Lamott:

Brene Brown:

Tiny Buddha:

Elle Sommer:

Sandra Pawula:

Alex Blackwell:

Again, this is only a start.  Please share your resources with me: