Shifting into Holiness

There is a radical shift happening within me as I read a new book by Jonathan Ellerby called Inspiration Deficit Disorder.

A part of the shift is knowing–remembering–my own holiness.  In fact, I woke this morning really feeling the embrace of what Jonathan calls the Original Self.

He writes, “Inside you is a force untouched by the events and dramas of life.”

The trick is to feel the force, a la Luke Skywalker in Star Wars.

Another part of the shift for me is that I’m feeling a better awareness of the energy of all that is and how everything I see, touch and feel is energy in motion, including my feelings.  I have to stay connected and aware of my feelings so that I can stay better aligned energetically with the Original Source that lives within me.

Sometimes my feelings are like that of a petulant child when I’m not getting my way.  Sometimes I throw a little mental bitch fit with myself as I demand (in my head) to know when I get my turn at running the show?

In those times, I usually end up appalled and awakened, in that order, the latter because I realize that I’ve stepped out of my holiness and directly into the part of me that still feels wounded by old hurts.

We all have untended wounds that fester from time to time.

My old wounds usually manifest as fear that I’m going to be left alone.  Now, my deep-seated belief is that everything is connected by one life force but my wounded self tries to convince me otherwise by creating an illusion that I could–without any notice–become disconnected and alone.

By teaching myself in those moments of fear to shift back to holiness, I can once again reconnect with the energy of Original Source.

I have a job to do, though.  I have to find a way to work with the Source energy instead of against it.  I begin by realizing that the “stuff” that others deal with is a part of their woundedness.  Yes, the “stuff” touches me because those people are a part of my life and because all energy connects.

BUT–the “stuff” of others is not mine to work with AND it only impacts me to the extent that I allow, based on how far I’ve shifted from holiness.

I must breathe my life today, and not consume my consciousness with another’s choice of whether to breathe or not breathe.

Here’s the best part of this entire monologue:  If I forget and slip out of holiness, tomorrow is another day.  Do-overs are the bedrock of holy shiftings.


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  1. Vicki says:

    Beautiful post – I think I need to read that book.

    Love this part “BUT–the “stuff” of others is not mine to work with AND it only impacts me to the extent that I allow, based on how far I’ve shifted from holiness.” I have a hard time with this one sometimes. I soak up other people’s energy like a sponge sometimes. Have to find a way to feel empathy for their situation while also not allowing their stuff to affect me.

  2. Beth Wilson says:

    Vicki–I have a hard time with that line most all the time. But the good news is I no longer have to beat myself up for not being a spiritual giant. Keep trying–you’ll find a way.

    Big hugs,

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