Soul Clarity: Help Another

I discovered a new way to work with Jodi Chapman’s Soul Clarity Cards.

I drew the card after I finished writing my morning journal pages.  And I was oh-so-shocked-and-amazed how the two synced!

The card read:  Help another.  Offer support and love.  Unconditionally without expectation.

My writing went a little like this:

The true meaning of Christmas

Every year, we hear the admonition to remember the “true meaning of Christmas.”  Every year, I ponder the true meaning with varying degrees of satisfaction.

But this year, I think I nailed it.

How, you might ask?

Somehow, thanks to the gift of grace, I find myself on the right side of the spiritual balance beam.  I’ve moved away from anxiety, frustration and worry to sit on the beam with acceptance, serenity and peace.

From my vantage point on the spiritual beam, I can see that the true meaning of Christmas (for me) is about going home.  “I’ll be home for Christmas” has never rang more true for me.

Like so many of us, my life has shifted from an old perspective to a new.  Christmas Past found me rushing, stressing and ultimately, dreading gathering with family.  Some yearly celebrations were good, some not so good, but we never really knew how they would go because my family filtered everything through the disease of addiction.

Please hear that statement as merely a fact, not a judgment.

My family dynamic has changed dramatically.  These days, it’s me and my sweetie and our dog, Jazzy.  The Christmas holiday this year will find Jazzy at her Pete and Mac’s spa and we’ll be wishing new friends Merry Christmas on the beach in Mexico.

How does Christmas and going home fit with today’s Soul Clarity card?

Soul clarity:  Help another

Do you believe that in order to be of service to someone else, we must first care for ourselves?  My soul is really clear that I am included in helping another.  In fact, when you first offer yourself unconditional love and support, helping another person comes much easier.

Right now, my sweetie is going through a bit of an emotional rough patch.

For perhaps the first time in our relationship, I am actively not trying to help her by offering ideas or suggestions for potential fixes.  That’s not what she needs from me.  What she does need is unconditional love and support.

I can be a soft landing place for her; the comfort of home that her soul craves.  I can fuss less over her and open my arms more.

One of my Christmas gifts for her this year is allowing her the grace to simply be, to figure things out on her own.  Trust me, for this control-freak, that’s a big-person step.

My gift that comes from Soul Clarity is to help her find her way home for the holidays.  To her soul home, to the place within her that breathes a little easier and rests a little more where she is.

I love Christmastime, don’t you?

Photo courtesy of clarita

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  1. Galen Pearl says:

    Oh, yes, that control thing. Big one for me, even now. Especially now when I’m still trying to exercise some control over a situation instead of sitting back and working on myself. A lesson learned again and again.

    Overall, though, your post reminded me of a quote, “When you need help, help someone.” Sometimes that help is just listening and being.

  2. Beautiful post. I do also need the reminder to just be there and not try and fix the problem. It’s my ongoing lesson. I hope you enjoy your Christmas in Mexico. Just returned and you will love the warm sun and relaxed atmosphere. Enjoy and my best to both of you!!

    • Beth says:

      Oh my gosh, what an adventure. The best vacation EVER, I think. I enjoyed it even more than Turks and Caicos. Of course, being at a service-oriented, all-inclusive resort helped a bit, but the location was fabulous and the food and atmosphere were spectacular. I’ll be writing about some of those adventures. Will look forward too, to hearing about the changes in your world as the new year progresses.

      B Well!

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