Soul Clarity: Listen to Another

A brand new beautiful set of Soul Clarity Cards arrived in my mailbox the other day, courtesy of Jodi Chapman and Soul Speak.

Jodi says on her site:

“I believe that the answers are always within us, but sometimes our light gets covered up by life – all of the to-dos and the shoulds and work and errands and hurt and anger and all sorts of gunk. And it can be hard to sift through all of that and find our way home – back to our soul. These cards are a tool to help you on your journey back home.”

Going with the awareness that my soul knows what I need, I drew the Listen card yesterday.  It read, “Listen to another.  Receive what they share with love and humility.”

My first thought?  Well, alrighty then.  Right out of the gate and we’re already talking about humility.  Thanks a lot, Soul!

And then my second thought was that I talk too much.  Let’s face it.  Much of what we do when we talk is participate in conversation or provide information.

The problem is that when I’m talking, I’m not listening.

Can you relate to over-sharing?

Are you like me and talk because you don’t want to hear yourself think?  Or because you want others to think you’re wise or witty?

Maybe you’re uncomfortable with a situation  and talk out of nervousness or fear.

Do you find yourself rationalizing as you verbalize so that others might understand your reasoning?  Maybe you can make them understand if you just keep talking!

I’m prone to over-explaining, re-hashing and worst of all, retorting in a snide or indignant tone.

The truth is we probably all talk too much and listen too little.

The solution begins with listening.

If I give you my attention, I might learn that you have good things to say.  I might even learn to not judge you for what you do say.

When you speak, I don’t need to share in equal time.  That frees me from thinking about my response to what you’re saying.

Instead, I’ll be present to your words.  I can really listen from a place of engagement.

If I’m lucky, our hearts will connect, or perhaps a spark of camaraderie will flare.

We all need moments of connection in order to survive.

Learning to listen gifts both of us.  I get to practice and you get to be heard.

Thriving comes when we remember to change places from time to time.

And so it goes, ebb and flow like the sea, in and out like taking a breath.

Listen–can you hear the melody behind the words?  It’s the rhythm of life rising and falling around us.

Open your mind, listen to another and feel the two-step beat.

Isn’t it a beautiful tune?


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Photo courtesy of mconnors


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  1. Jodi Chapman says:

    Yes it is a beautiful tune!
    What a wonderful first card to draw. And I love that you internalized it so beautifully and really took its message into your heart.
    Thank you for sharing about the cards here – I truly appreciate it. And I’m so glad you have added them to your spiritual toolbox.

    • Beth says:

      Hi Jodi! Great to see you here. Spiritual tools are much easier to use when they come so beautifully wrapped–I am enjoying them immensely. Watch for more posts when the cards and Spirit move me.

      B Well!

  2. Galen Pearl says:

    I can relate to every one of those over sharing examples. When I was interviewed for a study of best law teaching practices, I said that the best class I ever taught was when I had laryngitis and couldn’t even squeak. I gave the students written instructions for group work and they learned more than I ever could have taught them by talking. I also listened a lot better to my kids during those silent days!

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