Soul Clarity: Love Another

I love Jodi Chapman’s Soul Clarity Cards.  The perfect one arrives with perfect timing.

Love another.  Take some time to show someone you care.

Is it coincidence that it’s the second time in four days that I’ve drawn this card?

Two words ring true with me as I ponder the Love Another card today.

Take Time.

Two words that feel familiar

The words are familiar because they are so ingrained in my spiritual practice.  The words take time require dedicated focus for anyone trying to be present.

I’m guessing that most people today say that there’s not enough time.  I say that too; it’s obvious when you see me reading several books at once or when I have two hours and I want to read the Sunday paper, write a blog post and take a walk all within that time frame.

I have a secret, though.  There is time if I focus on where I place time.

If you are present to what you’re doing, there is always enough time.

There’s always time to love and time to love another by being present.

Mimic the people who use time well

I was at my 12-step group’s anniversary celebration the other night.  It was an exceptionally good meeting where several celebrants have quality, short-term sobriety (1-5 years).

These folks exuded love.  They have what I want.

These people are always present.  Their presence is a form of loving.  They are reminders that each time you stop, look into another’s eyes while he or she is speaking to you, you are loving another.

When you think of someone, if you’ll take time to call them, even leaving a message is a form of loving.

A text can be love, so can a post to Facebook or an old-fashioned note.

Loving another with your presence can occur from across the room or across the miles, in cyberspace or shared physical space.

Taking time–after all, time is a precious commodity–is the key.

Being present creates a platform from which love can spring.

Practicing gratitude produces the willingness to take time.  It’s hard to move at warp speed when you’re documenting your gratitude list.

Taking time, showing love, being present–all these spiritual acts flow together in a beautiful mosaic of compassion.  Compassion begins and ends with you and with me.

By the way, loving another applies to animal love as well.  Jazzy may not be able to read a text message from me, but she sure feels my presence when I take time to hold her or play or look lovingly into her eyes while running her warm belly.

Are you taking time to love another today?

Photo courtesy of Kokabella

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  1. Hi Beth,

    I love this line – “Mimic the people who use time well.” Time goes by quickly and your post is a great reminder to love well and love often. Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Beth says:


      In theory, I believe that love is all we need, so if we’re loving well and often, as you suggest, all should be right with the world. In theory, that is.

      Fortunately, none of us is perfect and we get–at least I do–tons of what my friends call “growth opportunities.” I’m trying to simplify my growing pains by realizing that the lessons are all a chance to love.

      Hope you’re enjoying the holiday season!

  2. Jodi Chapman says:

    What a beautiful post about this powerful card, Beth!
    It’s so true that we can always make time to love and to be present. We choose – whether we believe it or not – how to spend our time. We all get the same amount of hours in the day, and some of us choose to really live and some of our choose to be frenzied and a victim to time. I’ve been in both categories, but I much prefer the first one. 🙂 Being conscious of our time and our love is such a beautiful way to live. And our loved ones can tell if we’re there or if we’re THERE – fully present. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the cards – that fills my soul! Big hug!

    • Beth says:

      I am enjoying your cards, Jodi! I was a little bummed when I left for my trip to NYC last Saturday and forgot them, but I resumed today. You never know when you’ll inspire me again!

      Hugs right back!

  3. Galen Pearl says:

    Love what you called in the earlier response growth opportunities! I’m going to use that one! I have invited people to mimic people who live in joy. We can all think about people who seem to radiate joy. What is it about them? How do they move through their day? How do they handle challenges? How do they interact with people? We can often learn by watching and mimicking.

    • Beth says:

      Now that’s a beautiful image . . . a bunch of joyful people hanging out while we all watch them being joyful. Let’s do it! Gosh, what would the world become?

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