Stirring the Pot

I often–too often–forget that God doesn’t give me more than I can handle today.  But sometimes it feels like he doesn’t know how to tell time very well because I’m dealing with way too much stuff in a single day.

Here’s my aha moment, though:  Let’s say that God presents me with a straw-that-breaks-the-camel’s-back situation.  But I think I can’t possibly take on one more stressful thing in this 24-hour-period.  I am already maxed out and stretched thin.  I’ve yanked out fists of hair, chewed off all my fingernails and ground my teeth to nubs.  My eyes are the before picture in a Visine commercial.  I am a mess and I tell myself so.

Then what happens?  I become messier, more of what I believe I am.

Just when I think I can’t do any of it anymore, this thought crashes through the mess:  I can shift that last camel thing, or any other thing that is causing stress, to another 24.

God may place all these growth opportunities in front of me but I don’t believe he shares my expectation that each one’s details needs to be dealt with today.  That expectation rests solely on me.

I can shelve one or more of my stressors for a future TBD 24.  I don’t have to deal with everything today.

Centered in Spirit, I am at peace.

I believe this life is about learning how to step around the poop I encounter instead of trying to pole-vault over it.  I don’t need those dramatic responses any more even though my mind tries to trick me into believing I do.

Here’s the thing:  I hang out with humans who do things that cause dervishes to whirl in my life.  I am fully aware than humans have a morbid fascination with stirring the poop pot, but I can choose to step away from the cookstove.  Say, no thanks, not today.  I think I have enough stirring today.  Please check back with me tomorrow and maybe I’ll throw myself into the fire then.  But not today.

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