The word for the second day of Christmas is strength.  I love Unity’s scripture selection:  “God is the strength of my heart,” from Psalms 73:26.

The chosen affirmation also feels so appropriate for today’s work.  “I am centered in the power and presence of Christ within and I grow stronger each day.

As I write from the 20th floor balcony across from Ft. Lauderdale Beach, I feel the strength of the sea.  From the point at which a wave begins far out in the ocean, strength develops with each gathering roll.  There may be a brief moment of respite before the wake prepares for the next and the next until finally in a last mighty push, it crashes against the shore.  Then, and only then, can it relax and allow the outbound current to pull it back to its beginning.
In life, many are raised with the “buck up, pull yourself up by your bootstraps if you want to make anything of yourself” attitude.  I was a Horatio Alger child.  Anything worth achieving required brains, brawn and a whole lot of guts.
And that’s the way I lived my life–work hard, play hard.
In this second half of my life, I’m blessed with an amazing realization.  While I’m killing myself being all I can be, gathering momentum to coil myself into one more rolling wave, I suddenly get it.
I’m trying to go it alone.  No wonder it’s so damned hard.  God’s strength is infinitely available for every circumstance.  Here’s the cool part–I gain strength when I let go of control.  God’s strength is mine and that is how I grow stronger everyday.  Growth is not the result of quadrupling my efforts to muscle through a present condition.
The disciple Peter represents faith and his brother Andrew is associated with strength.  Faith must be present in us before we can build resilient strength.
How is your strength level today?  God has your back, you know, even if you don’t feel strong.  Knowing that, I’m bringing God’s strength inside of me and believing that because his strength endures, so will mine.

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