Super Goal Monday!

For those feeling glum because Super Bowl Sunday in the U.S. is history, take heart, because TODAY begins the countdown to next year’s Super Bowl XLVIII!

Just kidding, at least about the 2014 Super Bowl.

I’m serious, though, about throwing some positive energy into today, the day after the Super Bowl.

You may be one of the legions of folks suffering a let-down from yesterday’s party atmosphere.  Maybe your team lost (Sorry!) or maybe you over-imbibed (Been there!).   Maybe you will genuinely miss the week-to-week combat that marks the professional football season.

Super Goal Monday!

Here’s my solution:  Get serious about how you want to shape the rest of 2013.

The first month of the year is behind us.  The after-the-holidays, back-to-work, throw-away-the-failed-New-Year’s-resolutions-list is, quite thankfully, also behind us.

Now what?

What if we begin today to plan the rest of the year?  I’m excited (and also unemployed, so I may have more skin in this game than most), so much so that I’m calling today my Super Goal Monday.

The first thing I did to prepare for game day was to draw a Soul Clarity card from Jodi Chapman’s enlightening deck. Click the link to check out Jodi’s work.

My card read:

“Ask for help.  We all want to support you.  But first, you have to be brave enough to ask.”

Cool!  There’s a lot of sense in beginning to plan by asking for help.  But for what should you ask?

When I don’t know where to begin, I go back to my elementary journalism training about interviewing–the 5 W’s and the H questions.  In this case, the questions could flow like this:

  • What do I want to know?
  • Who can tell me what I want to know?
  • Where do I need to look to find the information I need?
  • When do I need my answers?
  • Why are my questions necessary?
  • How am I going to figure all this out?

Be open to change

Now that you’ve asked the questions–which takes bravery, according to the Soul Clarity card–you must be open to the change that comes from asking the questions.

The second tool I used to prepare for Super Goal Monday was in Alan Cohen’s writings.

“Many of us have lived for a long time in a world much smaller than the one that is available to us.  We tread the familiar path, settle into routine relationships, and find security in the known.  But to settle on what has been is to settle on what could be.  Imagine that there is an entire unexplored world available to you if you were to reach even a little bit beyond the familiar.  If you open your consciousness, the universe will rush in to show you what is truly there.”

I like that, don’t you?  Be willing to step into the unfamiliar?  Sure, it might be a bit scary, but how can you have the exciting changes in your life without going through a tense and stressful lead-in?

Take action

The final tool to consider for Super Goal Monday is to take action.

Theories and plans are like brand new athletic shoes.  All they can do is sit on the shelf and look good until they’re laced up and road-tested.

For me, it’s super easy to stay focused on the thinking instead of proceeding to doing.  Footsteps–action steps–are the only thing that really makes the shoes feel good.

Ask for help.  Be open to change.  Take action.

That’s my plan for Super Goal Monday.  What’s yours?

Photo courtesy of kakisky

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  1. Hi Beth,

    Well I was not happy with the outcome of the game, but that is how it goes. Great tips though on how to move forward. Taking action can make the difference! All the best.

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