Survival of the Spiritually Fit at Christmas–Part 1

I’ve been fascinated with religious and/or spiritual beliefs all my life. Having been raised in a non church-going home (although my family background is assuredly Christian), I’ve always been curious about what–and why–people believe the way they do.

Let me say at the outset that I consider myself a Christian and that I think Jesus was a great guy.  I do my best to live by the principles he espoused, I pray regularly and often and from time to time, turn the pages of one of my several versions of the Bible.

I celebrate our nation’s founding principle of religious freedom and its been years since I found it necessary to try to convince someone that my beliefs were the only ones good enough to get into heaven.  In fact, one of the many gifts of recovery has been my respect and honor of those who think differently.  In my book, there is no right or wrong.

This night finds me thinking of all the folks out there who don’t celebrate Christmas.  What must they think of all the commercial hoop-la around this religious holiday?  How in the world do they survive the onslaught of visual and auditory (not to mention subliminal) messages that seemingly begin July 1st?  Short of moving into a thatched hut in the middle of the desert or an igloo at the North Pole–oops, better not go there!–how do they/we escape the incessant stimulation?

I discovered the answer this year.  Actually, I fell into the answer out of necessity; if you read my previous post, you’ll understand why.  If you share my sense of the curious, check back–or better yet, subscribe and/or follow this blog from the home page and more will be revealed!

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