Ta-Da! The NEW B Here Today

On this glorious spring day when the Bluebonnets are popping through the rain-soaked, north Texas dirt in their annual explosive birthing process, B Here Today announces its second birth.

Behold!  Nearly two years after its inception on May 20, 2010, the second coming of this blog, my child, my dream.

The description may be a tad bit dramatic, but when you’ve waited half a lifetime for a vision to come into full clarity (assuming I live to the age of 102), a little drama seems appropriate.

It would take several football fields filled with Bluebonnets in my adopted state to match my excitement over B Here Today’s redesign.

We’re not just talking about a blog, dear readers.  What we have here today is a fully integrated suite of thematized (Don’t care if that’s a word!) products:  check out B Here Today on Twitter and Facebook (@bheretoday and B Here Today, respectively).

I owe a heaping helping of thanks to the incredible design talents of Stephanie Wetzel at Blue Elephant Creative.  Steph entered my life several months ago in a God-inspired fashion and I am so grateful for her skills, her counsel and her friendship.  You’re the best, Steph!

You may be wondering why I elected to undertake a site overhaul.

Here’s the easy answer:  I want to play with the big kids.  After writing blog posts regularly for two years, I decided it was time to either Go Big or pack up my toys and go home.

B Here Today has a message and it’s time to shout it from the skyscraper tippy-top:

Simply put, every day is filled with a whole bunch of choices unique to each of us.  Some of us are in recovery from addictions; some of us don’t struggle with addictions but do want to live a deeper, more grounded spiritual life.  Regardless, the consequences of our choices are determined by our ability to align our inner world with what is going on outside of us.

I don’t know about you, but for me, keeping my psyche in alignment is about as easy as keeping my spine perfectly aligned day in and day out.

Joining the B Here Today community is a much better return on your investment (since it’s free!):  I should know since I’m currently paying a chiropractor–albeit a holistic one–a significant amount of money to whip me into shape.

Invest here and your return is regular sharing about how to bring the peace, joy, harmony and love that you see “out there” into your everyday existence–where you B!

I’ll send you regular info on how to apply Principles of Presence to even the smallest corners of your life.  Heck, I even wrote a post once about relating to a bug in a corner . . . check it out here:

You’ll see some heavy-hitting bloggers guest posting here as well.  Like I said, playing with the big kids . . .

In short, B Here Today is about community.  It’s about supporting each other as we manuever through the nooks and crannies of living life on life’s terms.  Yes, I originally launched as a blog for people in recovery, but I quickly learned that the message is universal; folks in recovery don’t hold the deed to all of humanities feelings.

We can all use a dose of wisdom every now and then.

I’m not implying that I have all the answers; remember this is a community AND a solid community needs the input of all its constituents.  Don’t be shy!  Lift your voice–sorry, tap your electronic keys–and let your community hear you.

So stay tuned; we’re about to have more fun than you can shake a stick at!

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B Well & Inspired!

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