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As Within So Without

This past Tuesday was day three without air conditioning. I woke feeling like a good day lay ahead. I felt strong and resilient and capable of hanging out in my hot house all day while our heating and cooling system was replaced.

I’m working on seeing value and worth everywhere I turn. What’s the saying, “as within so without?” Or, as Debbie Ford wrote, “each of us is the microcosm of the microcosm.”

She also wrote, “what is actually inside me are the thousands of qualities and traits that make up every human being and that beneath the surface of every human is this blueprint of all mankind.”

As I grow in understanding of how we all are a part of one, grace fills me. Actually, its more of an awareness of grace, because grace is already present. The more I feel, the more I see and willingly spill out.

On the same day I was sweating at home, my sweetie was dealing with a difficult circumstance at work. Before she left that morning, we talked about how God’s grace is sufficient. And isn’t that the truth in all circumstances?

We pray to receive that which we already possess. I think that’s how Unity’s preference for positive affirmations instead of beseeching prayer came about. In fact, today’s Daily Word confirms that idea: “God is my strength and vitality. I am renewed.”

I do believe that much of prayer is recognizing the good within each of us, within myself and within you. These are the things I need in times of difficulty. Going within, BEING that which I already am. And that which I am, you are too.

It’s tough work sometimes.

But I’m grateful that now–during this week that brings both the anniversary of Mom’s death and the anniversary of stepping toward my life partner–I am open to seeing the real and true me.

God’s light and love ground me into right now where I can appreciate every detail, yes, even on miserably hot, 95-degrees-inside-my-house days. One gift from Mom–she did teach me how to make the most of any given situation or circumstance! So thanks for that, Mom!

And now I smile remembering her goodness. I got to see a lot of it during the last year of her life. I saw because I found unconditional love in Becky. It’s probably not a coincidence that our love began on the very day that, one year later, Mom’s place on earth vanished.

I’m a little bummed that I’m not taking a sojourn to Missouri this week. But I will travel to my heart several times over the course of this week and find her eternal spirit there, maybe even in the meditation garden I’m creating within. See you soon, Mama.

Photo courtesy of Scott & Mary Freeth