The Story of Recovery: Your Story

IMG_5724Many of us in recovery often feel like we’ve lived two lives–one as a person with active addiction and the other as a person in recovery.

I’ve had friends who’ve had open heart surgery or beat cancer say something similar. The experience made them a different person.

The commonality among all of us who’ve sent a terminal disease into remission or left an operating table after heart surgery lies in our recovery.

The story of recovery

The month of September–National Recovery Month–is a terrific time to reflect on the gift of recovery. Tens of thousands of people all over the U.S. and Canada will do just that as they gather at Recovery Month events in their home states.

This time next week, my sweetie and I will head to Austin, Texas, for a statewide rally at the capitol building. The following week, on the 20th, thousands will gather in Louisville, KY, for the national “hub” event sponsored by People Advocating Recovery and Faces & Voices of Recovery.

Stories of recovery–from a few days to several decades–will be heard coast-to-coast. There will be media coverage, national celebrities spotlighted and the proverbial horror stories replayed.

September is a grand month to show and tell the story of recovery. There are 23 million of us, after all . . .

Your story of recovery

But I’m interested in your recovery story and how it rocks your world. Who are you as a result of recovery? How have you changed your attitudes and your outlook (outside the obvious!)?

I hear people say, “Oh, recovery is a gift!” I wonder if they realize the weight behind those words? When was the last time you sat and pondered the miraculous nature of your recovery story?

I was reminded today that the story I believe about myself and the story I tell you are sometimes vastly different. I’m often waaaay too hard on myself, expect waaaay too much from myself and even tell myself stories that just aren’t true.

After all, I don’t tell you that I’m stupid or that I suck.

Instead, if I’m honest with you, I’ll tell you that I’m trustworthy, sincere and kind. I’m positive by nature, fairly serene most of the time and compassionate. If I’m spiritually fit, I am balanced and gracious.

And that’s only part of my recovery story!

Miraculous stories of love

So, my friends in recovery, I encourage you to spend some quiet time thinking about the before-recovery you and the in-recovery you. Bet you can’t do without feeling giant waves of gratitude.

I was also reminded today that my recovery story happens right now.

Tweet: My recovery story does NOT include whipping myself over past events or losing sleep over the unknowns of tomorrow.

It’s all here, all now.

Will you share a bit of your recovery story with us?

Photo courtesy of Sgarton

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