The Upslide to Icemageddon 2013


I’ve been out of my house twice in the last four days, both times for a two-mile, round-trip, carefully timed excursion to the grocery store. I think I’ve gained 10 pounds.

You may have heard that Dallas/Forth Worth, like much of the country, was besieged by arctic temperatures and, the death knell of any metro area, several inches of ice. As a quick aside, ice is ice whether weather people call it freezing rain, sleet, or–here’s a new term learned just this morning–freezing fog.

I’m extremely thankful for my warm house, the food and a safe little area in the yard for Jazzy to do her business.  Many, many more were not as fortunate as my little family; particularly those stranded for 12 hours on an interstate in the northernmost region of the metroplex. I cannot imagine the fear and bone-chilling cold.

An abundance of time

I spent the weekend getting some work done, reading and watching my beloved Missouri Tigers get beat in the SEC Championship game (It’s okay, boys. What an incredible sophomore year in the conference!). I also spent a fair amount of time in prayerful contemplation about the year drawing to a close and the lessons delivered through the grace of my willingness to receive them.

This month of December feels like a time of culmination, like the entire year has been spent in preparation for ending the year on a high note and then sending it to eternity in style.  This year, perhaps more than any other and certainly in the recent past, I’ve been acutely aware of striving to learn lessons in humility, simplicity and forgiveness. During this Christmas season, I believe we each have an opportunity to have something new born in us, or at a minimum, to at least become aware that we share an inherent goodness with the rest of mankind.

I’m wondering, do you feel a similar sense of culmination?

Ah-ha’s of awareness

First, I think of my life a little more than four years ago, before I entered what I call my Technicolor phase, as one of anticipation.  Seems I was always in a state of: Just wait until . . . everything is good now, but who knows what will go wrong when . . . the other shoe is going to drop like a lead-filled boot at any time . . . sure, I’m fine now, but . . . you just never know when you’re going to wish that . . . 

And my personal favorite: But what happens if . . . 

Even though I was in recovery then, life held very little appreciation of the present because I was absorbed by pending (and imagined) catastrophes, big and small.  Then there’s now. On good days–like today–I revel in simplicity. Cyclones may whirl around me but as the old sage said with a twinkling smile, “Let ’em whirl.”

Second, I’ve been feeling like a kid in one of Anne Lamott’s Sunday School classes.  She says she never fails to tell them that they are loved and chosen just in case they don’t hear the words anywhere else. Lately, I’ve imagined Anne’s words draped around my shoulders like a softly knitted shawl and like those kids are asked to believe, I too believe that I’m meant to do great things in this life.

As are you.

Finally, and this one is kind of funny, I’ve had an acute understanding of late that energy flows in the direction from which it originates.  I really need to stop downloading games onto my iPad.  Since actions generate energy, when my attention is given over to the blessed games, it’s not on something of bigger importance, like sleep.

Sleep means I’m more productive during non-sleeping times and these days, my head needs to be in the game.  I’m doing some really exciting work for one of the most important issues on the planet–the recovery advocacy movement–so I need more focus! Where do I want to focus my energy?  On creating tremendous writing content.

There you have it.  The upslide to the weekend’s icemageddon.  How was your weekend, and better yet, how is your 2013 shaping up?

Be safe. Be light on your feet (especially in icy conditions) and most of all, be love.

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