There’s No Time Like the Present

Change hovers like the morning sun-mist over Lake Carolyn.

I no longer fear change.  One of my lessons along the journey I began nearly two years ago is that we cannot be consumed by that which has no power.  Fear cannot exist in a powerless environment.

There’s No Time Like the Present

As I began my journey of then to now, “there’s no time like the present” was my what-are-you-waiting-for mantra.  In the spring of 2009, while I hadn’t yet begun voicing the mantra, I think it was trying to burst through the groundcover of my mind.  I found myself asking those questions of the universe like, “Is this all there is to life?”  And then to myself, I posed the question, “Do you want to live the second half of your life as you have the first?”

The Holy Instant

With that question, I initiated a hidden series of events over which I had no consciousness.  And I certainly had no control.  After much anguish and jockeying for position to race against the inevitable changes (I am as mule-headed as the next person from the Show-me state.), I threw my arms in the air and yelled the shortest and most powerful prayer of surrender:

“Okay, God, Whatever!”

God was waiting to plow the ground in front of me.  He tilled, planted, fertilized and watered.  Oh, how I was thirsty!  Little did I know that in two years time, the change I had invited would pick me up and drop me in Texas, that I would start this blog and contemplate its becoming a business, that I would be graced with a friendship blossoming into a soulmate-ship, and that I would walk through the valley of the shadow of my mother’s death.

Turning Corners

Now I’m about to step around another corner.  In two days, I’ll attend a workshop that probably will create new shifts and opportunities.  I’m eager and ready to turn the corner.  In fact, I just may skip around the corner.  After all, there is no time like the present.

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