Thoughts Are Choices, Not Decisions

I believe, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I choose my thoughts.  The process for me has two parts:  1) Be present to the thought I have chosen, and 2) Determine the placement of the thought.

The first is fairly self-explanatory but what do I mean by the second?  If I am present and fully appreciative of the thought, I then get to “place” the thought which is another way of describing setting an intention.  (the picture below is an actualized intention–beautiful, isn’t it?)

When it comes to thoughts and intentions, I have to ask myself a couple of questions:  Do I align my thought with other thoughts of abundance and joy or am I aligning it with thoughts of worry and fear?  Am I sailing through my day expecting my thoughts to produce incredible results or am I moving through my days regretting past thoughts and effectively disregarding the present thought?

Here’s what I know to be truth:  The maximum value of a thought occurs when it is grounded in the present.

Intentionally going back to Intention

A few days ago, after pondering this post about placing my thoughts, these words from The Daily Word struck me:  “I set an intention to be motivated by love, kindness and generosity–rather than by fear, judgment or obligation.”

Well now.  Isn’t that coincidentally cool?  (wink, wink) Some would say I visualized that Word entry into being by focusing on placing my thoughts, by setting an intention.

Is it true?  Can I live by that intention today?  Can I truly decide to let love, kindness and generosity be my guideposts?  Really?  In spite of weariness, physical pain and the stress of a hectic day?  In spite of others’ getting in my way?  In spite of things happening that are outside my control?

Maybe it’s “because of” instead of “in spite of . . . “

The only way I know how to fulfill the intention is to embrace each moment, to stay completely focused on here and now.  Because I may be weary, in pain or completely stressed out.

Fear, judgment and obligation sneak onto my path when I have veared off into the past or the future.  My thoughts turn ugly, as evidenced by a clipped tone, impatient or bossy voice or, my personal favorite, sarcasm.

I do sarcasm so well.

My thoughts are choices, not decisions

When I remain rooted in the present, I can be aware of less-than-loving kinds of responses and focus on my choices of thought.  I can see when my behavior is turning away from being loving, kind and generous.  In spite of my holiness–and I believe we are all holy beings made in the image and likeness of our Creator–humanity is my reality.  Holiness of spirit may be my truth but, hey, walking on water is not yet my thing.

Sometimes my humanity is left out in the sun a little too long and becomes spoiled, even rotten.  And yet I still want to play with it.  Yuck.  There is nothing like a little spoiled humanity to muck up my day and everyone else’s whose path I cross.

One of my solutions to errant acts and feelings of humanity is to create chunks of time away from other members of humanity.  Moving away doesn’t mean I’m leaving the path; it just means I’ve chosen to step away to re-charge or refresh my humanity reservoir.  I figure if hanging out alone is good enough for Jesus . . .

Cherish alone time

How do you feel about alone time?  Do you find yourself filling the voided silence with noise or flurious (yes I just combined flurry and furious) activity?

Or do you cherish and embrace your solitary moments and allow them to feed your soul?

I encourage you to be where you are today, front-and-center of each individual thought that crosses the threshold of today’s 1,440 minutes.  I can think of no better way to experience grace.

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