Today in Song Lyrics

“Does anybody really know what time it is?  Does anybody really care about time?”

I woke with this old Chicago tune in my head and my first thought was, “Nope, not me.”

I am much better about allowing time to rule me.  The long-ago words from my therapist–remove all the woulds, shoulds and coulds from my vocabulary–finally ring true.

For example, I woke early this morning.  My mind immediately jumped to my task list that I “should” get up and tackle.  My ego told me the hourglass was running.

Right then, in that semi-awake moment, I made a conscious decision to not care about time, or at least not self-imposed time.

I snuggled back under the covers and prayed.  I envisioned God’s arms holding Sheri and Cliff in these uncertain days following his cancer diagnosis.

I pictured God’s grace supporting my old friend V. who suffers mightily with the disease of alcoholism.

My dad’s image swept across my prayer screen and I silently sent him peace.

Then I thought about my gratitude list and the opportunities to be of service this day.

God, please use me until you use me up, as Oprah says.

And I really don’t care how much time it takes.

How would you describe your life in song lyrics today?

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1 Comment

  1. Linda says:

    I love your thoughts on time. I’ve always felt that we create our own perceptions of how fast or slow time passes. Ironically, we experience it passing more quickly when we are in the flow and doing what we love (using our skills, being challenged in just the right amount, etc). I also believe we choose how to use our time. So yes, getting rid of the ‘shoulds’ and ‘have tos’ is a great practice. I rather like to say ‘I choose to…’ because either way, it’s true!
    On a practical note, I had a client that was scheduling almost every hour of her day in an attempt to be productive. We worked through some perspective changes and a little ‘experiment’ and in the end she realized (and I realized through working with her) that we need to leave time open for creativity! The world is uncertain at times and instead of being negatively impacted by that, why not go with the flow? What it comes down to is managing our own expectations.
    I’ve rambled long enough here. Clearly your posts have me thinking!

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