True Vision Comes From the Mind’s Eye


I don’t believe that a supreme being tests us–what would be the point?

I do believe that GUS (my conglomerate name for God, Universe and Spirit) wants only good for us.

I don’t believe that GUS conspires with a cosmic event scheduler who determines the situations and circumstances of our lives. Again, what’s the point? GUS doesn’t want us to be stressed.

I am inclined to believe that shit happens. Life happens. Sometimes it appears to happen randomly.  Sometimes it seems as if a lot of crappy stuff happens all at once.

Damn that cosmic event scheduler anyway!

The events aren’t as important as the lessons wrapped inside the events

My sweetie had eye surgery a couple of weeks ago to fix a detached retina. The surgeon didn’t give her many post-op instructions. He said that she could do most anything she wanted with the exception of flying anywhere or visiting high-altitude places for two months.

Then he casually mentioned that the sight wouldn’t return in her left eye for about one month.

You know, a month doesn’t seem like much when you’re coming off anesthesia and you’re simply glad you woke up!

It’s now been 17 days and her patience is wearing thin. Not only can she not see things in front of her, she has no peripheral sight either.

So, I’ve scared her by approaching on her left side. My foot has been stepped on. She’s turned and walked right into me.

She’s reached for something and knocked glass bottles into the bathtub. The quick trip we just took to Austin? Forget about glancing over your left shoulder into the passing lane; that ain’t happening.

A big lesson for her, as it would be for me, is asking for help and then not feeling guilty or upset with yourself when the help arrives.

The bigger picture lesson

There’s eyesight and there’s vision. My sweetie’s experience with eye surgery (She’s healing well, by the way!) has me thinking about maintaining the health of my inner vision.

On Saturday, Unity’s Daily Word was Vision. Love the timing! The affirmation was, I envision my highest good unfolding.

But this piece from the reading really caught my attention, “In my mind’s eye, I visualize overcoming a difficult situation and feel relief. I see a goal being reached and feel a sense of joy. I envision positive results and feel as if they have already manifested. ”

So back to the part about shit happens. Does that mean we’re powerless? Yes and no.

We are powerless over the circumstances that momentarily flatten us like a giant rolling medicine ball. But we are not powerless over our reaction to the circumstance. Heck, with all our positive visualizing, we may be able to alter the circumstances altogether!

Sound far-fetched? I invite you to try an experiment the next time you have a thing come up in your life, whether it’s surgery or an important meeting with your boss.

Visualize yourself already in the situation. See yourself as strong, confident and filled with trust for anyone else involved. Move further into the circumstances.

Tweet: Anytime your inner vision falters, return to “I am good enough. I am worthy. I am a person of faith.” #MindfulMonday @bheretoday

Let those beliefs absorb into your mind’s eye where true vision occurs. I’m willing to bet that the experiment goes along just fine. I’d like to hear about your results so be sure to share them here with our readers.

Don’t forget: I envision my highest good unfolding.

Namaste, my friends.

Photo courtesy of jdurham

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  1. Hey Beth, The affirmation, “I envision my highest good unfolding” is definitely a keeper, one I want to read everyday. Setting the intention to look for the good gets me on the right track. I add it to me list row of sticky notes that I have on a small shelf above my desk of good things to remember! Thanks.

  2. Beth says:

    Don’t you love that one, Cathy? I’m with you–read it every day helps hold my feet to the fire, especially on days when I’m feeling low-energy. Reminds me of another quip: “If it’s going to be, it’s up to me.”

    Thanks for your note!

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