Unearthing Faith Again


Fran Sorin’s Amazon best-selling book is still on my mind. If you saw Monday’s post, you know that Digging Deep is a great practical and metaphorical guide to getting right with the earth and your spirit.

It’s the latter that consumes me today.

I’ve been thinking a lot about faith and I’ve realized that my faith has been as stuck as a shovel in clay-packed Texas dirt.

I read in the Daily Word this morning that I am rooted in God. “I am never separate from God because God is everywhere present.”

Then, I read in one of my recovery guidebooks that growing through challenges is akin to asking God to prune us back so that we can grow stronger.

It’s a plethora of horticultural messages!

Tweet: I may be rooted in God, but my faith can sure decide to root-rot from time to time. @bheretoday #DiggingDeep

That’s when I know I haven’t been feeding my faith the nutrients it needs to thrive.

Every plant (and every human) needs a good pruning

Faith grows stronger at the point where it’s been seemingly cut away.

After the pruning is the time to pour extra nourishment on the site because it may need special protection and care for awhile.

It’s important to keep the area clean–so no thoughts of lack or limitation are allowed. It’s almost as if the newly exposed area of faith needs a quarantine for a time.

We should be mindful of not exposing pruned areas to the elements that could cause harm. You might even consider a light covering, like a tent to ward off a springtime frost against the sharpness of the cold.

I know I feel much better as I protect my newly rooting (re)faith. Later, as it gains in strength, there will be intended harm–pests and even pestilence. But you and your faith will be stronger and more capable of edging around those threats.

The time to grow is now. The time to ripen is now. There is much to do that requires a deep and abiding faith to emerge with a renewed faith and a deepened sense of peace.

May love forever guide all of you as you experience your own pruning process. May you allow the God of your understanding to give you comfort and a renewed sense of faith.

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