Valentine’s Day is About Loving Yourself

Is there anyone who is not aware that tomorrow is Valentine’s Day?

Let the love flow as deep as the sentimental rivers of candy, flowers, cards and jewels. Like all other over-merchandised holidays (yes, I can guilty as charged), the Day of Love is a mega business.

Consider this Mindful-Monday-before-V-Day-post preparation for tomorrow’s onslaught.

Since everything begins at home in the eternal B Here moment, let’s look at where love begins . . . with oneself.

I’m doing a lot of emotionally charged internal work right now and at the core of the work is the question of how much I love myself.

How often do we stop the frantic pace of our lives to take stock of the answer to that question?

It has been said that in real love you want the other person’s good.  In romantic love, you want the other person (source unknown).  

During this month of love, when romantic love is emphasized, I suggest the need–an urgent need for me–to focus on real love.

When two people commit their lives to each other in a ceremony, words like honor, respect and love are used.  Since our most important relationship is with ourselves, don’t we deserve the application of those words as well?

While it’s true that the largest chunk of my life’s purpose is to be of maximum service to God and other’s, how often do I think of meeting my own needs first?

That’s selfish, you say?

Maybe so, but I’m thinking that since the word “selfish” contains “self,” there just might be a reason to think of me first–or at least as much as others.

We often say we are our own worst enemies.  I’ve said it many times too.

Let’s turn that statement to a positive and say, “I am my own greatest love.”

Imagine how the world would change.

All it takes is a single decision multiplied by billions.  Today all I’m interested in is one.

One decision–my decision–to love myself as others love me.

Now that’s a great gift for Valentine’s Day.

I am my own love and I share that love with you.

Let these words from the great Lucille Ball be our motto for the week:

I have an everyday religion that works for me.  Love yourself first and everything else falls into line.

Happy Love Day from B Here Today.

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  1. Becky Vance says:

    I love myself as other love me. Thanks for that “right on” affirmation and starting my special day in this very special way! You have such a light of love always shining from within. The universe needs more angels like you!

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