Wants Vs. Needs

Via Daily Word Magazine, this prosperity affirmation:  I have all the time, energy and money needed to do what is mine to do.

It doesn’t say I have all the time for what I want to do.  A speaker in a recent 12-step meeting said that she no longer finds it confusing to try to separate her wants from her needs.  She simply prays for what God wants.

I figure that what God wants for me and what I think I need combines to form “what is mine to do.”

At first glance, the affirmation statement seems daunting.  Since I’ve been a person of action all my life, I figure there is something I must DO to prepare to receive the abundance of time, energy and money coming my way. 

Sometimes I still don’t get it.  My rush and flurry of activity is the antithesis of the affirmation.  I already possess all the time, energy and money I need.  My challenge is to accept that it’s in my presence, which requires me to become, well, present.

I mean, seriously, does God (or whatever you choose to call the spirit that guides you) want me to struggle and strain and beat my head against the wall while bemoaning that there is not enough time in the day?

Wringing precious minutes out of a 24-hour period doesn’t give me more time.  In fact, it makes me tired, very tired, thus negating the energy that I’m trying to affirm.

And the money part?  That is blog post material all on its own.

Here’s what I know for sure:  In order to really feel the truth of the affirming words, I have to breathe them into my soul while in a quiet, receptive state.

They do little good when read in the mornings between gulps of coffee while I’m headed out the door.  I am at my best when I sit with the power of the words.  Sit for awhile and then sit some more.

Then, miraculously, the affirmation does become truth as I realize I am not only doing what is mine to do, I am being the presence that accepts time, energy and money.

How do you tell the difference between wants and needs?

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  1. Patti says:

    In this moment, I always have what I need. Being present to realize this is the challenge.

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