We’ve Landed on WordPress!

It’s not quite a giant leap for mankind, but my writing life has taken a giant step forward.

As I write this at 7:30 p.m., there is a young man named Satish who may be just waking up on Thursday morning in India.  Satish and I have become Facebook friends, Twitter buddies and WordPress kin.

Two new hearts have connected in space and Satish’s heart is certainly generous.  In the course of four days (and the intricacies of time zones), he has transformed B Here Today from a hobby blog to a professional, “run-with-the-big-dogs” site.

I feel like the dream of linking hearts through shared stories of passion and presence has passed through a momentous growth stage.

And, B Here Today, even in its infancy, is accomplishing what I hoped it would:  creating loving connections that flourish in their focus on linking in the here and now.

I am amazed and awed by this venue of connecting one with another by clicking on words in the limitless blogosphere.  It’s a heady experience, a grand opportunity and a humble responsibility.

My own heart brims with excitement as I end this day that has been wholly different from yesterday.  Many thanks to Satish for implementing my inspiration.

To my readers, past, present and future:  come back often to share your stories of presence and passion.

The blog will steadily expand and shift–I’m always open to your suggestions–and my prayer is that connections will be made and lives will change through the sharing of our collective experience, strength and hope. 

B well on your journey!  To the moon and beyond!

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  1. Becky says:

    Love the new look! You always paint a beautiful picture with your words and my heart sings when I read your posts. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself and “blog on!”

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