What Would a Butterfly Do?

Who hasn’t wondered about the life of the butterfly?
A butterfly is born to serve a simple purpose, to pollinate.  As a part of its service, the butterfly, symbolizing the personification of a person’s soul in ancient Japanese culture, gets to travel and consume copious amounts of nectar.
Unlike the two-legged species that admire them, butterflies don’t think, plan or worry.  Instead, they serve their purpose with what we humans might call humility and grace.

I envy butterflies

Wish I could say the same.  I do occasionally go with the (wind) flow, even freely flit from spot to spot until I find a comfortable place to settle.
Humility and grace come much less naturally to me than to a butterfly.
Two times within the past several days have given me cause to pause and reflect on my lack of humility.

Humility lacking, part one

Last weekend marked the celebration of my 21st year of sobriety.  Despite the total 185 years being honored, at the end of the evening, I realized I felt disappointed.  Boo hoo.
My sweetie was with me but other people weren’t and I thought back to many previous celebrations in Missouri when I–and others, of course–were treated to candlelight events complete with cards, flowers and small gifts.
Suddenly, I was focusing on what I thought was missing from my celebration.  And my cheeks burned as ego trumped humility, albeit briefly.  Soon I was back to remembering the true reason for the celebration.

Humility lacking, part two

Secondly, it is humbling to disclose that my B Here Today birthday month contest–originally set to run the month of April and extended through May–was a bit ambitious.  Okay, it was a lot ambitious.
The contest was going to be my way of giving gifts to two lucky subscibers.  However, in order for those gifts to “trigger,” 200 brand new subscribers needed to sign up to receive my new ebook, B Here On Purpose.
Now it’s the end of May, and we haven’t yet reached the goal.  I’m bummed and like the first story, feel a bit of shame.
So much for humility and grace.
What we have, as Mom used to say, is a mell of a hess.

What Would a Butterfly Do?

As my mind searched for solutions, I scrolled through recent photos taken with my iPhone.  The above picture was taken a couple of weeks ago on an early morning walk with Jazzy.
A strange question came to mind:  What would a butterfly do?
Granted, the question is illogical but hey, do solutions always come via logic?
Seeing the picture of the posing Monarch, I realized the solution to the  contest dilemma.
The contest, like the butterfly, will move on, silent in life’s foreground, until it comes to its natural completion.
The butterfly serves its purpose every day that it lives.
Can you say the same?
The blog contest is a fun little competitive thing for me.  But it’s not my purpose.  My purpose, as I’ve stated several times here, is to create openchannels for peace, joy and love.
The contest is to my purpose like a rock is to the butterfly.  Neither is sustaining, but both are landing places along the journey toward purpose.
Are you aware of your purpose and are you serving it with humility and grace?

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