What’s the Deal With the Blog Name?

I’ve been asked to explain how I named this blog; why B Here Today?

I am so glad you asked!  Thank you for the opportunity to write about one of my favorite topics:  Me!

Okay, in all seriousness, I would like to explain.  (Those who know me well, along with those who may not know me so well but they sit in meetings with me regularly, understand that I love to joke and have fun but I am deadly serious about the disease of addiction.).

When I moved from Missouri to Texas, I had a tough time going through the process of changing my residency.  I had no experience, having been born and raised in the Show-Me state.  Like so many bureaucratic endeavors, there seemed to be an endless array of steps to inspect my car, buy four new tires (before the inspection could be certified, and what is $600 additional bucks at that point?), register my car, obtain a driver’s license, obtain a license plate, pay all the fees, register to vote, and on and on.

The project was daunting and was made more so by my mile-wide stubborn streak, not to mention the way it punched all my trigger buttons of patience, relying on others, doing things in order, (the list goes on).

I did not want to let loose of my Missouri driver license or my personalized vehicle plate.  In fact, I waited more than six months to apply for my Texas driver license until I realized I was two weeks from my birthday and my Missouri license would expire.  Yikes!

I was visiting my folks in Missouri around that time and having a bemoaning conversation about all the steps it takes to move to a new state.  Dad said, “While you’re here, why don’t you just go renew your Missouri license?  Then when your license plate is due in July, you can come back here and renew it as well.  You wouldn’t have to lose your SURNDR plate.”   (I really loved that plate).

What a great and simple idea!  I loved my dad for giving me such an easy answer. 

But was it the right answer?  I took that thought to bed with me and let my subconscious mull it over during the night.  Bright and early the next morning, I awoke to this God whisper:  “Be here.” 

I was confused at first since I was waking up in my folks’ house.  Then I realized that God was whispering across the miles from Texas.  I couldn’t go on living my life in two places.  It was time to chose.
Thus, my Texas plate was born:  B Here.  I declined all the traditional background options like the Star of Texas, the Alamo, or God forbid, the Longhorn.  Instead, I chose a a field of bluebonnets.  To me, it symbolized being willing to bloom where I’d been planted.
photo courtesy of bombay2austin

So, I am Beth Here, B for short.  The name of this blog seemed like the next logical step from my vehicle plate.  And if you understand that line of thinking, I have a seat reserved for you . . .

In Missouri, I joked that I needed to have a license plate that read SURNDR so I would be reminded every time I approached my car that I needed to give everything to God.  In Texas, it’s a similar motive, both with my car and my blog.  First, I want to simply Be, an ongoing and often arduous task.  Second, I want to Be Here, reside in my present place and space in time.  Third, I want to Be Here Today, focused on this 24-hour period because as those of us with a recovery leaning know, we do best when we stay in one day at a time.
And finally, I shortened the Be to B to give the whole thing a double meaning.  I am, afterall, B, here.
All that’s left to tell about this story is that I cried in the driver license office when they kept my Missouri license.  I guess the tears helped water my new planting.

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