What’s the Good Word About Your Word?

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If you chose a word for 2013, we’re 73 days into the year and it’s time for a check-in.

Oddly enough, I had no idea before I just checked my calculator that as of today, we are exactly one-fifth through the year.

You can do the math.  365 divided by 73 equals 5.

Cue the mysterious music.  Talk about cosmic humor!

Before we get to the three questions for you to ask yourself, and to help you put the questions in context, I’d like to share a story about my word for 2013.

My word?  Simplify

January 1st came and went and although I wasn’t overly thrilled with my word, I decided to go with it.  Sometimes you just have to go where the wind blows, don’t you?  When your basic nature is (like mine!) one of supreme control, “going with it” is not a simple task.

My first assignment on my Simplify syllabus was to accept and believe that by surrendering into my word, it would come a little easier.  I musn’t try to work at simplifying.

So far, so good.  Then on the 11th of January, my company laid me off.  Sudden unemployment seemed a little over the top on the simplify meter!

Later that month I was accepted into graduate school, but wait . . . was that simplifying?  I went back and forth . . . do I or don’t I ?  For weeks, I tumbled around with the question.

Finally, during the second week of enrollment for the spring term, I called the school to enroll.  Turns out I made a simple mistake.  I applied for financial aid for the 2013-2014 school year which means I’m not eligible to enroll until the fall term.

Yes!  I practiced my word without even trying!

Now, about your 2013 word . . .

I’m curious and I have some questions.  Conjure up your word, if you will, and think back over the last 73 days.

First, does your word still feel right?  One of the freedoms I’ve given myself is the ability to change my mind at any time.  There are no rules because you make up the rules. With four-fifths of the year remaining, you’re free to pick a new word if the first one seems lost or ineffective.

Second, have there been moments where you’ve stopped and made a conscious connection with your word?  Maybe, like me, you’ve had some major upheaval in this first fifth of the year.  As you’ve walked through it, have you been aware that your word is in the midst of whatever is happening?

Finally, are you remembering to have fun with your word?  There are few things worse than self-imposed drudgery and have-to’s.  For heaven’s sake, play!

The week after I lost my job, I tore my home office apart.  I completely dismantled it.  I decided it was time to make it less of a work space for my job and more of a play studio for the next phase of my life.

Oh, I still write here, but now I write with Gumby, Tigger, treasures from the ocean, a shrine to my first university, lots of inspirational notes and gifts of encouragement from my sweetie.

It’s Day 73.  Do you know where your 2013 word is and how is it a part of your day today?

Photo courtesy of DarrenHester.

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