While Most People’s Resolutions Wane, Three Words Live

I have three words for 2011:  Intention, Source and Order.

Intention.  To me, the word is interchangeable with Commitment.  To set an intention effectively places a commitment right in front of me, directly across from my heart in the space between my outstretched arms.  That space receives a blessing for my intention and then it is released into the universe.

Oddly, the act of release seals the deal.

Let’s talk about languaging for a moment.

It is common for folks to say, “I intend to go to the movies this weekend.”  While they may intend to go the movies, the words are actually more a wish or a desire because if you’re like me, movies tend to come after household chores and errands (hmmm, maybe I need to write a post about priorities.)  Get my drift?

I may say to my significant other, “I intend to get my hair cut today.”  That statement feels more like an item to check off the to-do list instead of an intention.

Don’t get me wrong.  Those uses of intention are proper and right, but there is another usage that typically follows contemplation, prayer and maybe even meditation.

To set an intention is like locking the hand brake on a car.  Uphill, downhill, it doesn’t matter, that car will stay put.

An intention set well, isn’t going anywhere either so long as it’s locked in my affirmative prayer, conscious awareness and moving feet.  Action has to follow awareness of an intention.

More from me later about the word Intention as it spans over 2011.  If you were to choose three words for the present year, what would they be?

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