I tell people that there are four essentials of good copy.

Ultimately, your copy needs to:

         Be understandable and meaningful

         Be irresistible and shareable

         Tell a purposeful and compelling story

         Give your readers a gift

Non-profit clients often tell me they have to worry about human resources and computer backups and whether events are fully staffed. They care about good copy–their blogs, social media posts, articles–they just don’t have time! I’ve worked in their worlds and I get it!



I’ve served as the “voice” behind (MF1V), the advocacy engagement campaign that builds on the groundbreaking success of the Greg Williams documentary, The Anonymous People.

I construct recovery story e-blasts that are delivered into tens of thousands of email boxes for people in recovery and their allies.  Plus I create and post all of MF1V’s social media. Check out Facebook and Twitter.

I’ve helped Greg write and edit a toolkit for grassroots, community screenings of the film.  Here’s a link to the toolkit: and we’ve written a teaching tool for showing the film in schools.


Recovery Brands logo

I’ve written more than two dozen bylined articles for this incredible up-and-coming company that populates websites like and Check out my articles here.

More clients (ghostwriting and editing)

The Council on Alcohol & Drug Abuse, Dallas

Fort Bend Regional Council, metro Houston

Cathy Taughingbaugh, Parents to PhDs: 28 interviews with people who share heartache, wisdom and healing from first-hand experience with substance use disorder (Amazon)

Learning Chi, Create Wicked Great Slide Decks

Questions? Drop a note to

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