Your Transition From Fear to Love

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Happy Mindful Monday!

It was a breakthrough weekend for me after attending a fabulous seminar on Saturday.  I’ll reveal more about the seminar giver and the message very, very soon; he was so fun and enlightening that I want to save the juiciest parts for the B Here Today relaunch.  So, hold your horses!

I can tell you that for me, Saturday was all about choosing love over fear.

I don’t know about you, but my fears spend a great deal of time trying to sabotage the good in my life.  Fears throttle themselves into high gear and try to drive a wedge between me and the people I care about the most.

On Saturday, prior to leaving for the seminar, I spent some quiet time meditating on being open to receive the messages I was about to hear.  One of the things that came to me was the simple notion that love is bigger than fear.

I’ve shared with you that love is my highest, all-encompassing prayer.  I will love through all the dramas and traumas, until the people or persons can love themselves and appreciate themselves as I do.

The trick lies in holding onto the feeling of love.

I decided I needed a code of conduct to help me stay in the love ballpark (can you tell its nearly baseball season?).  Instead of sharing five inspirational quotes with you as has been our custom for more than a year, I’ve decided to share the five points of my code of conduct.

See if any of these ring true for you.  As you contemplate them, please make a note and send it to me here; I’d love to hear how you transcend fear with love.

1.  I will love AND leave the room if rancorous conversation begins.

2.  I will love AND not participate in negatively charged comments about each other or other people.

3.  I will love AND choose silence over defending myself to win an argument or make a point.

4.  I will love AND breathe deeply even when the air is highly charged with tension.

5.  I will love AND remember that I am responsible for meeting my needs, not taking care of someone else’s.

Love is a giant balance beam.  When we allow, love can lift us so that we are held in suspended balance between the muck of fear-based hell and the ecstasy of wild emotions.

At any point on the beam, we can mis-step and start falling one way or another.  But if we hold to love–with smiling tenderness–AND we hold each other loosely, we will be okay.

First, there’s love–the highest prayer.  I feel that fact firmly this morning.

God, please let us know the full measure of your love today.  Teach us to feel love’s weight and breadth and depth.  Teach us to let love, not fear, overtake our hearts, minds and emotions.

Show us how to balance on that beam in the joy, glory and splendor of your love.

B Well & B Love,


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  1. Love is definitely a verb, and a choice. Actively choosing to love is extremely important if we wish to feel it around us. The five points/code of conduct are beneficial to anyone looking to find balance in this respect. Very inspirational, Beth.

    • Beth Wilson says:

      Hi Jason! Thanks for the reminder that love is an action word. It all comes down to being the love we wish to see and feel. So grateful for your reply and much love to YOU today!

      B Well,

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